Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Chapter...

Yesterday was the last day of office... won't be seeing a paycheck for a long time now. And that statement heralds a new chapter in my ever changing lifescape. Montreal...
Montreal, a year ago was much more than a few thousand miles away. If someone would have told me I would be moving to Montreal, I would have laughed shamelessly at his/her face. Yeah Right!! Life is interesting, ain't it!! Funny thing is Montreal is still more than a few thousand miles away. Its dozens of friends, home cooked food, and loads of doting family members away. Heck sometimes I feel I will miss the crazy Delhi traffic and the lousy saas bahu serials too there. But yeah I could live with that I guess. :)
My family seems more than supportive of my aspirations!! (Kudos to them!!) I mean there are moments when I get jittery of being so far away and my mom says "Internet hai na!!" We can chat away to glory. Some brave parents I have!
Its an unbelievable feeling, watching your far fetched dream getting realised, so tangibly. I do pinch myself sometimes. What has made it more overwhelming is that I have found incredible friends, rocking in the same boat. So safe to say, I will be taken care of.
So my journey begins, yet again. Hope to discover more and keep surprising myself every now then.

Grinning with glee,