Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ever wondered how words can create magic, how statements can mesmerize, how expressions can fascinate. Well since you are here reading a blog- I am pretty sure you have. An action might speak more than a thousand words, but an expression can surely be the most beautiful instrument to express a million emotions.

I believe that words are stimuli to our imaginations- stories, conversations, discussions, poetry, songs, sweet nothings, whatever form they might be in- they constantly feed our schools of thought to bring about sometimes meaningful, sometimes not so meaningful reactions. Very tactfully, intentionally, and appropriately chosen words, can trigger reactions that would make no sense to a person outside of the conversation. It can make you want to say things, do things, believe in things which you would never imagine you could come up with.

They can be the greatest turn on-s and of course obviously the greatest turn offs as well. Imagine how difficult would it be to swear in the absence of words. I think all I have been trying to do in this blog is prove a rather obvious point. I know. Probably I can sum the entire thing by saying, a witty stimulating conversation – a wicked mind game, is where the heart finds it fantasy.

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