Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life's Good

I feel good today. Can't really put a finger on why I feel so. Could be because I had a good night sleep last night, or that I made a new friend, the Coffee Cup, or probably just the fact that troughs and crests in life follow alternately. Yesterday was most definitely a trough, and a big one at that. But that's over.. yayy!
Drove alone to office, through the busy roads of Delhi, and whats the first thing I did, as soon as I switched on my system- I read the blogs. Read that people all around me have problems, issues, views, stories to share, experiences to narrate, and suddenly I didn't feel lonely anymore. This feeling that I can reach out to anyone, anytime, is suddenly priceless. Thank God for Internet, blogging, and of course coffee.. :)
I have a long day ahead of me, that involves meetings, phone calls, lots of 'chai' and coffee, a lot of 'staring-at-the-screen', arguments-with-boss, political reconciliations, some whining (of course! its a biological necessity for me!), a quick power nap, if I can steal one :), and a lot of other ad-hoc nonsense, that I don't even want to think about. But I am sure, my day would end in another quick round of glancing and commenting through more blogs, more views, more experiences, more friends hopefully, and the day wouldn't be all that bad after that.
So hey... Life's good!


  1. Cheers to the blogosphere and the friends we make. Nice to know that I have a new friend out there in blogspot space. Even I've found myself starting my day with a check of the blogs. Somehow makes me feel like there are people out there whom I could pep up with a word or two, or who could make my morning happy with their words. Blogging is fun, and am hooked to it. Love my friends here, love their writings, and it's a happening place to be in.

  2. @Coffee Cup: yayyy!! i m happy ... :)