Friday, June 4, 2010

Little grains of delight...

Was listening to the radio, while driving back from work yesterday, something I rarely do, because hopping across stations trying the filter out songs, no wait, good songs, from the chatter, kind of gets the better of me. 1.. blah blah blah, (switch) 2... blah blah blah, (switch) 3.. blah blah blah, most irritatingly all the stations have to suddenly talk at the same time. And whats worse, there is this one really run down, completely over done song, which to my amusement, is playing on three different stations at the same time. Rats!!
Well anyway, a friend borrowed all of my cds to dump on her system, and so there I was, wrestling away with the music unit of my car, desperate to find something hear-able.
I am not quite familiar with the various shows running on various stations, (quite frankly they all sound really really similar) but to my delight I found a station which was playing old Dev Anand, Jitendra, Shammi Kapoor songs. Oh! What a delight to the ears. My irritability towards the radio suddenly transformed into a playful singalong session with an occasional shimmy here and there. And boy was it enlivening!!
I was sitting there thinking, much after I had rather quite successfully entertained the people in the adjacent cars, at almost all the traffic lights, how tiny unexpected surprises or rather changes from the ordinary, actually brighten up your day. You could be feeling really low a certain morning, and a school bus driving up beside you with children in the back waving frantically, screaming, "bye bye.. bye bye", brings a smile to your face.
I am not quite sure why I chose to write about my experience last evening, probably because I realized that it never hurts to reiterate the fact that in anticipation of big things and big events in life, we often do not see the little grains of delight that are all around us. Sometimes they are really insignificant to notice, or we are too preoccupied to acknowledge, sometimes we are just too burnt out to give it thought, but sometimes they are just the things required to take that dull, mundane, bummed out mood of yours and turn it around ... :)


  1. Missing out on the little things, simple joys is the story of our lives these days. I enjoy my hip-hop, rock, and a bit of techno if am nice and high or at my irritated worst...but I love and thrive on Old Hindi music. Therapeutic!

  2. While reading your post, I could recall many such small grains of delight I've experienced in my life, but chosen to ignore, until now, when they all (or atleast some of them) came rushing back to me ! :)
    It was an interesting read.

  3. @The Coffee Cup: I believe this just can't be said enough...
    Also, considering we were not even close to being born when these songs were released,(in fact I think my mom was a kid too then) I would say these songs were surely something to still have that effect even now...

    @The Nouveau: I am glad. I sincerely believe life would be much simpler, and happier, if we learn to identify these grains, because I think that is the skill we have left behind somewhere in the process of growing up and getting busy.