Monday, June 7, 2010

Think!! Think!!

I was watching a video on youtube yesterday. It was actually a bit from one of the stand up acts of Russell Peters. It was called women are thinkers. He says that there are actually a few times in a day when a man's mind is absolutely blank, BLANK!! as in nothing happening there, nothing going through, no nerve endings firing, on rather as Peters put it, "At most a screen saver".
On the other hand, women are constantly thinking, there are dozens of things running through their minds at any given time. Their minds are never at rest. And then he goes to establish what happens when these two different kinds of creatures try to co exist. It's hilarious. But in all seriousness... well, he is right!
If we ever sit down and count the number of things that are running through our minds, simultaneously, or rather try to jot them down on a notepad, we will be surprised we are not insane yet! There are important things, there are the not-so-important things, and then there are completely unimportant things, but they are there, right there all in the mind. Lets just say, we haven't stopped thinking about things, ever since we realized we could think, probably even before that!
Do you ever have that feeling where you just want to sit, close your eyes, put your index finger on your temples, make little circles there, and just breathe....Yes! that feeling. That's probably your brain saying, BUZZZZZZ!!! ZZZ!!! ZZZ!!! Enough!
'Gimme a break! Will you!'
I have that feeling a lot. Sometimes I feel if I could just probably somehow detach my brain and keep in it cold storage for sometime, you know, let it cool off a bit, relax and rejuvenate, and then attach it back, what a lovely feeling would that be!
I bet my mind would go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" rather than "BUZZZZZZZZZ". I would hear acoustic flutes rather than the steel drums pounding away in my head.
Yes I know that sounds utterly stupid, but I am open to ideas! All ideas, sensible or otherwise, you never know what might work! So if anybody out there got any bright light bulbs hanging over their heads, kindly share!! Seriously! I wouldn't mind only a screen saver running through my brain, every once in a while...

P.S. You can watch the video here:
Laugh your asses off!


  1. Well... actually, I don't think its entirely right. I know women think a lot... or rather, there's always a reel playing in their mind, but I have personally had those blank moments and I think once in a while every women has. I really enjoyed today's morning, when the weather was lovely and I just sat there in the terrace staring at the kids play in the park below. And I swear, I wasn't thinking anything!
    You see, all this talk comes from the fact that the male brain and female brain works differently (left and right lobes ka funda, you know). But the thing is... brain is can be trained. It sure will take some effort on our part to train ours to experience those blank moments, but with enough practice and a lot of dough spent on spas we sure will get there! :D

  2. As with the point above believe not entirely right as a guy who considers himself to have 100 though processes firing at any moment. But having some friends that fit the decription. I am sure Rusell is using that generalization for comedic effect. Funny video btw.